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Digestive Nutrition Analysis

Dr. Miles is specially trained in a type of digestive nutrition analysis that focuses on many different factors and supplements with plant based enzymes. This analysis was taught and derived by Dr. Howard Loomis and uses digestive supplements to make nutrition work as a science by correlating lab results with physical exam findings. He then joined his work, with the work of Dr. Edward Howell and his food enzyme concept to develop his own company in 1985. Dr. Loomis still continues to teach seminars today, and is very passionate on helping patients with their nutritional needs. 

Dr. Miles completed and became a Digestive Health Professional with the Food Enzyme Institute and Loomis Enzymes in 2017. She cannot practice this analysis on patients quite yet, due to Wisconsin’s need to become certified in nutrition with a specific set of classes they require. Dr. Miles will be sure to update when this changes, as she’s very excited to bring her knowledge and expertise to her patients health care!

When this becomes available, you will first select to have a nutritional consultation with Dr. Miles. She’ll go over what to expect from this analysis and what must be done on your end as the patient. There are a few steps to the nutritional analysis, and it’s important to Dr. Miles for each of her patients to know this is a process, and not a cure all. It will take time to get there, as it took time for the body to become what it is now. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to Dr. Miles. 

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