Biomechanical Taping
with Dynamic Tape

Dr. Miles only uses Dynamic Tape in her office. This isn’t a kinesiology tape, but a biomechanical tape that allows for full range of motion, with stretch in all directions, while still protecting the joint in question. This specific tape allows for the protection of injured or weakened tissues by creating an external force for the appropriate structure. Dynamic tape has also made all their products eco friendly!

“Dynamic Tape revolutionized therapeutic taping by introducing a range of strongly elastic tapes with different grades of strength, stretch and recoil. With correct taping applications we can mechanically resist/decelerate or assist motion thereby reducing the load on the muscles, tendons, ligaments or associated structures that would normally have to control those forces. By generating the force externally, we can protect or graduate the loading on injured, overloaded or weak tissues. The different strength, stretch and recoil properties of the various products allow us to target particular structures or movements more appropriately. Dynamic Tape is not a kinesiology tape. It is the original Biomechanical Tape ®.“ For more information about Dynamic Tape, click here.

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