Chiropractors specialize in evaluating and correcting misaligned joints in the body. In the spine, these misalignments are often referred to as vertebral subluxations. Subluxation is where a joint becomes fixated or restricted in a way where it reduces range of motion, and impairs its proper function. This in turn interferes with the nervous system, resulting in minimized function in the body. 

Chiropractors are highly trained specialists to correct subluxations in the body with an adjustment. This is often done by specific hand placement and directional force to restore the proper joint motion. When motion is restored, the joint is free to move and the interference is removed to allow the nervous system to function at it’s fullest. Chiropractic adjustments are safe and effective for all ages. 

At this time, Miles Chiropractic is not accepting any insurances. Please let her know which insurance carrier you have, and if you’d like to use them in the future. Dr. Miles is currently working on getting Medicare coverage, and hopes to offer it soon! Thank you for your patience and understanding at this time. Social media and this website will be updated when changes take place. 

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